Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Keeping it Creative

I am a terrible blogger. Ok, I was a terrible blogger. I have found my creative voice. Now I have something to say and ideas to share so you might actually hear from me far more than you wanted . So what was the big revelation? Ironically it was the fact that I do not need a big dramatic revelation to share my creative bliss with you. So here goes!

Keeping the creative juices flowing means knowing what I have. I spend a little time each day sorting things into their proper place. It is an ongoing battle but one that pays. As I spend my 15 minutes sorting the piles that have accumulated, or a box of goodies that were in overflow storage, I always find a little nugget of inspiration. The seed of an idea that I will nurture over the next days, weeks or months. So take a break from the creating every once and a while and look through your supplies. You might just get hit with a brilliant idea!!

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