Monday, November 12, 2012

Art is You Fundraiser

There is a great need for donations to help the many victims of hurricane Sandy.  So many lost everything. We can all help. We are a community and we either thrive or fail as one. Each of us has something to contribute- a kind word, a smile, a warm blanket, a slice of pizza or your talents! I am donating a necklace to the cause. I hope each f you will visit "Art is You" on Facebook or on the web.

No matter your personal situation I am wiling to bet you can do something to help. It takes more than money to rebuild lives. Maybe you could lend an ear to someone having a tough time. Don't get me wrong, your hard earned cash has the ability to change lives. Please give generously.

Here is the link:

Art is You

Here is a sneak peek at the necklace I am donating.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Creating Synergy and Conquering Fear!

Women Helping One Another

This is a shot of part of the group that came together Sunday. (Sorry to those I cropped out- I have to learn photoshop.) What a room full of beautiful artists! Jenny Doh came and inspired all of us to be authentic and live in gratitude. We talked about regrets we might have in our lives. We all have them- so what do we do with them? I have a new perspective on regret. I will use my personal regrets as information for future decision making and as a personal motivation to make different choices. 

The past few months I have been looking for ways to grow artistically. I have been working in new mediums and taking more risks. It is just art- so why am I afraid? So my commitment for 2013 is to jump in with both feet and do what is scary. I will take the risks. I am sure the fear I have imagined is much scarier that the reality.  

First scary thing to give a shot? Photoshop!!