Friday, February 25, 2011

Glitterfest is coming!!

So I began the process of setting things up today for the two shows I am doing in March. First the amazing Moulin Rouge a weekend adventure in art and shopping put together by the amazing Kim Caldwell. Next is Glitterfest hosted by the sparkly and talented gals from Whimzy in Tustin. The house looks like a bedazzeler exploded in the living room. Every surface is covered in all things jewelry and mixed media art.

I secretly enjoy the chaos. I love having all the rhinestones, beads, found objects and findings out to look at in one place. I like to design when I can see everything I have to find unique ways to pair thing together. I have been working hard all week and I am forcing myself to take the day off tomorrow to play with friends in Orange County. I have no doubt the gang will re-energize me. I am lucky to have such a cool group of amazing women ( and a few significant others) to spend the day with!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring preview

Here is a quick peek at what I have been up to lately. These shots just give you a taste of each piece. I hope to see you all at Moulin Rouge or Glitterfest next month! I have a few new tricks up my sleeve and I cannot wait to share them. 

The yard is looking like spring. My apricot and cherry trees are blooming and it has me in full spring mode. I just love that first blush of spring.  What inspires you? I hope you will post a comment and share!