Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sorting, Packing and Creating

After a jewelry collection is completed there are trays of unused goodies lying around. I have been sorting through the piles of treasure selecting items for the next season of jewelry. It is always a fun task and inspires a sketch or two in my line book. This time around I have been packing up a few little goodies to sell. I have loads of bits and pieces that will be appearing in lovely packets at my next event. I am in a Roaring '20's frame of as I prepare for Kim Caldwell's next amazing art retreat. Her Artistic Bliss events are wonderful. Visit to see her magical creations.

This is one of my very first collage pieces. I had to pack up my studio to paint last week and it was fun to see some of the earlier pieces I created again. So many memories were hidden away in that tiny room. Each tiny treasure has a story, each piece of jewelry shows where I have been creatively and the boxes of beads and brass make me wonder what I will create next. I love just being open to playing with the materials in my studio and letting it lead me to what is next.

I have also been setting aside some of my favorite things to create molds of them. I have been playing with making bezels from scratch and want to do some casting with Ice Resin (c) and other materials. I always do something outside of my box to grow my skill set after each collection is completed. So you might see some Ice Resin creations this fall

Monday, February 23, 2015

Classes, Projects and Vacations! Spring 2015

We are just days away from Glitterfest and I am prepping for a very busy and fun filled spring!First up are some teaching dates I am really excited about. There has been such demand for my bunny girl necklaces I decided to teach a class so you can create your own altered bunny, mouse, or kitty frozen Charlotte necklace!

I had so much fun diving into my personal stash collecting bits of treasure for each student to create their own one of a kind piece. I included watches, rhinestones, tokens, charms, Miriam Haskell pearls and lovely vintage chain. The kits are really special and I know the girls will be thrilled. There will be plenty of left over goodies to use in other projects! So, you are invited to join us at whimzy in Tustin March 14th for a day of altered fun! Everything included $115 for all the details and registration!


One of my very favorite things to do is creating cabochons from little objects and pieces I love. Think of that great pressed glass button you just can't part with or a lovely old cameo. now you can recreate these items and use them over an over. We will make many molds for you to take home and use to your hearts content. I will share all my tips and techniques and resources. 

Each student will leave with a ring and a pendant made with their new cabochons!!

So many possibilities! What will you make? May16th at Whimzy in Tustin. Cost $65 includes everything. 

Then I head to North Carolina for a nice long rest at the beach!


Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Glitterfest

So what exactly is Glitterfest you ask? Two artsy sisters had a brilliant idea to hand pick a group of artists and vendors with unique wares to fill a venue with beautiful creations and over the top displays. Each artist submits details of what they will bring so there is the perfect mix of goodies to choose from whether you love funky jewelry or shabby chic décor.

Upon your arrival you notice there is a group of folks lined up at the door eagerly awaiting them to open. They have their shopping totes at the ready! As the doors open the ladies excitedly head to their favorite vendors. Many are collectors and want to insure they have first pick of the wares. It is easy to spot the first timers. They stop just inside the room and survey the beautiful decorations and displays before choosing where to start. The energy in the room is palpable and the excitement contagious. The vendors are hugging there returning customer and catching up.  Everyone is trying to take in all the eye candy and there is something for everyone.

More than 50 artists have spent the last few months preparing for this show. The displays are just as beautiful as the items they have created and gathered. The show is attended by serious art collectors, crafty types, art lovers, girly girls, decorators, makers, publishers, shop owners and designers as well.  There are amazing supplies for makers of all kinds, gift items, home décor, vintage finds, mosaics, handmade art dolls, paper mache characters and sculptures, paper whimsies, one of a kind handmade jewelry, handbags, journals, tea towels, knit ware, sweets, scarves, handmade and altered clothing, furniture, collectibles, silver trays, and so many other beautiful goodies! It is a perfect girls day out event, mother daughter shopping or family friendly outing. There are always gourmet food trucks and an area of outdoor seating for a little nourishment break.

Want more details or pictures to look at? Visit or search #glitterfest on facebook or instagram for all the details and pretties.  Now that you know what Glitterfest is all about, I hope you can join us Feb 28th from 10am until 4pm for a day of shopping and girly fun!

Held at the Business Expo in Anaheim. 1960 Anaheim Way, Anaheim CA 92805