Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vintage Inspiration at Whimzy!

Today was a perfect California spring day! I decided to hit my favorite flea market in Tustin to do a little treasure hunting! For me, looking at all the little treasures gets my wheels churning. Imagining all the possibilities for giving these little treasures a new life.  When I am creatively stuck I often head over to my favorite antique stores. Today I was just going to enjoy a little sunshine and browse. I have been keeping a little mental list of things I would like to find when out treasure hunting and today was the day! I found everything on my list. I had been wanting a little 1950 bluebird and there she sat in a darling little stall just calling my name. I also found a little pocket shrine statue, two casket style jewelry boxes, four vintage hankies in pink, a hand carved wooden duck body, a composition doll with it's original outfit, vintage eyelet trim and of course my sweet little bird.  Well, the duck body was not on my list but it is really cool and only one dollar! I think she might need a doll head and some wheels. Because everything is more fun with doll parts and wheels!

Then all of the sudden appeared on of my other desires! Vintage hat stands like the type that would have been used in a store. I scored four of them. I was giddy to say the least. In my excitement I rushed over to show my hubby. His response was "those are really dirty". Ok maybe he does not always see what I see but,  I am so lucky that he supports my vision even when he does not get it! He loves vintage but he really only speaks Vespa!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Keeping it Creative

I am a terrible blogger. Ok, I was a terrible blogger. I have found my creative voice. Now I have something to say and ideas to share so you might actually hear from me far more than you wanted . So what was the big revelation? Ironically it was the fact that I do not need a big dramatic revelation to share my creative bliss with you. So here goes!

Keeping the creative juices flowing means knowing what I have. I spend a little time each day sorting things into their proper place. It is an ongoing battle but one that pays. As I spend my 15 minutes sorting the piles that have accumulated, or a box of goodies that were in overflow storage, I always find a little nugget of inspiration. The seed of an idea that I will nurture over the next days, weeks or months. So take a break from the creating every once and a while and look through your supplies. You might just get hit with a brilliant idea!!