Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sorting, Packing and Creating

After a jewelry collection is completed there are trays of unused goodies lying around. I have been sorting through the piles of treasure selecting items for the next season of jewelry. It is always a fun task and inspires a sketch or two in my line book. This time around I have been packing up a few little goodies to sell. I have loads of bits and pieces that will be appearing in lovely packets at my next event. I am in a Roaring '20's frame of as I prepare for Kim Caldwell's next amazing art retreat. Her Artistic Bliss events are wonderful. Visit to see her magical creations.

This is one of my very first collage pieces. I had to pack up my studio to paint last week and it was fun to see some of the earlier pieces I created again. So many memories were hidden away in that tiny room. Each tiny treasure has a story, each piece of jewelry shows where I have been creatively and the boxes of beads and brass make me wonder what I will create next. I love just being open to playing with the materials in my studio and letting it lead me to what is next.

I have also been setting aside some of my favorite things to create molds of them. I have been playing with making bezels from scratch and want to do some casting with Ice Resin (c) and other materials. I always do something outside of my box to grow my skill set after each collection is completed. So you might see some Ice Resin creations this fall