Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Polka Dot Pixie

This amazing little mermaid was a gift from the Polka Dot Pixie! Jenny Hernandez is an amazing artist and friend and this siren of the sea is one of her creations. Jenny and I had a quick visit last night before she headed down to Whimzy in old town Tustin to teach a class. She is a paper mache sculptor and painter extraordinaire. If you have not seen her work you must hop on over to her web site at  She is also an artist at Glitterfest and will be back October 15th for that show at the Elks Lodge in Santa Ana.

Jenny's work is whimsical and charming. I have a favorite Christmas piece and I hate to put it away after the holidays. Her creations put a smile on your face. A great dose of inspiration. Thank you Jenny for my gift- I love her!