Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One Month Until Glitterfest!!!

What will I make today??

This weekend we have our last trunk shows before November. Come Monday it is all Gliterfest. I really love getting ready for a show. It is a bit anxiety producing but oh so much fun. Today I spent most of the day assembling necklaces I had designed and set aside. I usually design and plan about 20 pieces at a time. I then bag up all the pieces and parts so they are ready to be assembled. Then I pick a put together day when I am not feeling so creative and I get to work bringing the designs to life. 

Sometimes it can be challenging trying to figure out how to rig a project. When I get stuck I set that project aside and move on to another. My sub conscience must keep problem solving for me as I always find the solution when I move on. I am super lucky to have Crystal Basica as my business partner for Serendipity Salvage. She is an amazing artist and jewelry designer (she has been making jewelry 19 years). She is a great resource for rigging ideas and finishing touches. It is great to have someone to bounce ideas off. Another way to do this is by having a craft day with a few friends. Bring out the tough project you are struggling with and get some input from other artists.   

I better get back to work!!!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Bead Shop Hop and the Glitterfest Shuffle!

This is a big week on the road to Glitterfest. I have at least a dozen projects on my workbench all needing some attention. This is the time in my show prep that I really have to budget my time and keep on schedule so that I have enough inventory. This year I have an added challenge- Serendipity Salvage trunk shows. 

Crystal and I are hitting the road with our Serendipity Salvage wares for the Bead Shop Hop. This is a great event here in Southern California. The bead stores have created an event where shoppers are encourages to go hopping from store to store during a week long shopping extravaganza! Each store has raffles, charms, prizes, trunk shows or something special going on. We start the Hop at the San Gabriel Bead Company in Arcadia. ( We will be there Sep 9 through the 11th. We have special goody bags for our shop hop customers. We are also brings all sorts of new merchandise. We have loads of vintage brass stampings, Pre WWII glass pearls from Japan, game pieces, new brass stampings, rare vintage intaglios, vintage cameos in both resin and glass, brass gears, ephemera and so much more! We have been saving many items from our travels just for this trunk show. 

San Gabriel Bead Company is an amazing store. They have everything. Need a special finding? They have it! I just love this store. I have purchased everything from Roman glass beads here that are hundreds of years old to Swarovski crystals. The have the best selection of seed beads I have seen. They always have a great selection of interesting beads for every price range and style. This store is worth a drive if you have not been and the bead shop hop is the perfect time to do it!

For all the details and to find the participating stores near you log on to! 

Back to work for me. See you at The Shop Hop!