Monday, November 12, 2012

Art is You Fundraiser

There is a great need for donations to help the many victims of hurricane Sandy.  So many lost everything. We can all help. We are a community and we either thrive or fail as one. Each of us has something to contribute- a kind word, a smile, a warm blanket, a slice of pizza or your talents! I am donating a necklace to the cause. I hope each f you will visit "Art is You" on Facebook or on the web.

No matter your personal situation I am wiling to bet you can do something to help. It takes more than money to rebuild lives. Maybe you could lend an ear to someone having a tough time. Don't get me wrong, your hard earned cash has the ability to change lives. Please give generously.

Here is the link:

Art is You

Here is a sneak peek at the necklace I am donating.

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