Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcoming 2013 And Adventure

This is the beginning of a wonderful new adventure! For me 2013 will be filed with new experiences and artistic ventures. Above is one of the photos I recently took on our travels. I found this wonderful statue in an old cemetery and her delicate hand intrigued me.

 I will be adding elements of my photography to my work this year. I am circling back to my fine art roots in most of my work. Beginning in February I will once again be exhibiting in fine art galleries and studios with mixed media pieces. I have really enjoyed painting again and creating collages. My first large pieces of art created in 1980 were mixed media collages. I still have one of them hanging in my studio. Who knew that 30 years later that would be a popular medium to work in.

No worries there will still be plenty of jewelry and rhinestones! I just wanted to spend 2013 experiencing new things without fear so I am getting out of my comfort zone and forgetting all the rules for creating art. What will you try in 2013??

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  1. Congratulations and good for you! I think your image is beautiful! In fact I wouldn't mind a framed copy, hint hint. My birthday is a week after the Launch event ;)