Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trudging ahead!

The creation phase of preparing for a show is in full swing now.  There are bound to be bumps in the road so how do you handle them? This week I had to head to San Diego to dog sit for my mom. It is impossible to pack up your studio so I chose a few necklaces to work on that required some wire wrapping and cold connections. The components were already prepared and ready to be linked up. Long story short- I forgot some key things. I did not bring a single clasp nor did I bring any silver wire. As much as I hate to leave a necklace partially finished, I laid them out clasp-less on the table. Sometimes you just have to roll with what you have available.

I did not get nearly enough done this week but that is ok. I have prioritized my projects and sketches and made myself a schedule to get it all done. I know life will continue to get in the way but I have a secret. No one knows what I have planned or how many pieces I plan on making. When I set up for Glitterfest only I will know of all the unfinished projects languishing in my studio. So go ahead and think big and plan on doing a load of stuff. Just be alright with not getting it all done. As an artist there are always more ideas than one could ever get done for a single show. Just let it be your little secret!

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  1. How true! Life is what happens when you are making other plans...XO