Sunday, October 24, 2010

Creative Space

My journey to revamp my studio continues. I have all of my jewelry bits organized and you can even see my desk top. I am enjoying having everything organized.

I never thought much about having a pretty place to work. I always thought about a functional space- which usually meant the kitchen table! Why shouldn't we have a pretty place to work? We are creative people and we deserve a beautiful place to create. Go ahead and decorate that small workspace, corner, garage or wherever you create. It could be a simple bulletin board filled with scraps of fabric, colors, photographs or anything that pleases you.

I shopped in my own home and pulled the bits and pieces I love for my studio. The painting in the photo was in the powder room. I love it and never saw it in the powder room. Now it brightens my studio. I have a pretty tray on the dresser top with bits and pieces I might design with. The first photo is my personal collection of rhinestone jewelry. Why not have it out where you can see the items? I do not get to wear them very often but I can play with them in my studio!

Go ahead and spice up your workspace. Use the things you already have and love- it's free!

Stay inspired,

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  1. Having a pretty place to create is a must for me! You are going to love it... you are off to a great start! Hope you're having a wonderful day.