Thursday, June 27, 2013

Creating a Memo Board- Up-cycled Silver Tray!


I found a lovely silver tray at a yard sale but when I got it home and cleaned the dirt off it was pretty shabby. It had a great shape and detail so I scrubbed it well with fine grit steel wool being careful not to rub off any detail. Then I went to the garage to see what spray paint I had in stock. Pink Rustoleum was the perfect choice. I sprayed the tray using two light coats on the front repeating on the back a few hours later. Voila a magnetic treasure board!


Not all trays will be magnetic so take a small magnet with you when shopping. I use this trick when looking at costume jewelry or findings too. Brass is not magnetic and I do not buy any vintage jewelry items that test magnetic. They are steel plated and will rust. 

Take a minute to get creative today. Just a little paint can change your world!




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