Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Head Full of Ideas! The Legal Checklist Series #1

It begins with an idea. Perhaps a head full of ideas. Or in my case simply having more inventory of supplies than one person could ever use. So with a surplus of art materials an idea was born. I should sell the excess and keep my eyes peeled for a bulk lot great buy when I am out hunting for treasures. So, with my good friend Crystal Basica and a few hunting tips a business selling vintage mixed media art supplies was born! Lulu Max Art Jewelry now had a companion in Serendipity Salvage!

This is the first blog post in a series I am doing based on a speech I gave at Launch your Creativity- your legal checklist for starting your business! Perhaps you have always wanted your own business or maybe you are just looking for a way to supplement your income. You have an idea or a spark of an idea but don't know hot to begin.

Time to do a little research. Jump on your favorite search engine ( google) and search for your idea. You ned to see if it is already being done. Ask yourself:

                         1. Are they doing it well?
                         2.  Where are they doing business?
                         3. How is my idea better or different?
                         4. How much are they selling theirs for?
                         5. Will I be in direct competition with the sellers
                             I have found?
                         6. Do I need a new and fresh idea?

Now time for a little product research. Jump on Etsy and any similar online seller of goods that might carry a product like the one you have in mind. How are they presenting the item? What is their price point? How is the item tagged? ( This is how a vendor uses words to list an item so buyers can find them.)

Time to fine tune your idea! This is the beginning of developing your item. Begin with a product you are passionate about. Now that your idea is complete you will need a name for your business. If possible the name should tell customers something about what you do and who you are.

Next post- How to find out is your proposed name is legal and available! This series will be posted every Thursday for the next 15 weeks. Stay tuned and take that first step! You can do this and make your dreams of your own business a reality! Please follow my blog so you do not miss a step and share with your friends on Facebook!



  1. Thank you for sharing Tara. Ciao Rita

  2. Great information. Thank you.
    Lisa P

  3. Thanks Tara, looking forward to more!