Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chicken Feeders and Briolettes!

Glitterfest Spring 2012

What do chicken feeders, Glitterfest, briolettes and junking have in common? Inspiration! Read on to see what inspires me to buy crazy vintage items.

The show is over and it is time to recharge my creative batteries and put on my Serendipity Salvage hat! As always, Glitterfest wan an amazing show. It is such fun meeting other artists and loads of new customers. I, of course, had time to squeeze in a little shopping.  There was such a room full of pretty I could barely stand it! I bought a purse - no a work of art- from Lori Gutierrez. She hand painted a pin up girl on an old army canvas bag that was embellished with trims and bling. I adore Lori and ALL of her amazing art! I have several pieces of hers that inspire me every day in my studio. 

This past week was spent getting ready for a show at Brea Bead Works. Crystal and I packed up all our treasures and headed off to Brea for a trunk show with our Serendipity Salvage hats on.  So a big thank you to all of our friends and customers that came out to see us! I managed to do a bit of shopping at Brea Bead Works. I purchased the cutest little carved coral roses for a little project I have in mind for fall. I also picked up a few wire wrapping supplies. Such an amazing bead store. They are well stocked and have a huge selection of items. They carry everything from semi precious briolettes to  sheet metal.

I took a look at their class schedule and was really impressed. Offered is a wide variety of projects in both style and skill level. I am really trying to add a new skill each season and this time around I am intrigued by seed beads. I know- I said it seed beads. I have always appreciated the medium but I have kept my distance. So I think I will dip my toe in the water with a basic project and class.

When I need to recharge creatively I often wonder through an antique store and try and focus on items I find appealing. I look at the shapes or the colors or maybe the way it catches the light. Perhaps there is a quality I want to replicate in a jewelry design. Or maybe I do need the antique chicken feeder I purchased last week. Ok maybe I have a problem I really bought 3 antique bird feeders. I have learned that if I am drawn to an item I will find a way to use it and give it a new life.

I try and write about inspiration but tonight I am wondering what inspires you? How do you recharge your creative side? I hope you will leave a comment and let me know what you do to keep the creative juices flowing. Tell me about your chicken feeders and briolettes.


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