Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time flies by!

I got lost in the creative chaos. It is now just over a week until Glitterfest. I have been busy working on new jewelry pieces and creating a display for the show. The question is now- will I get it all done? The answer is no. Surprised? I am not. As an artist I always have more ideas than time allows. The key is prioritizing. I need to balance my desire to do the projects I am most interested with having a balanced inventory for the upcoming show. I have a running list of things I want to make in my sketch book. Each week I re-evaluate my to do list. Some ideas are discarded, some set aside for later and the rest are prioritized. It only takes a few minutes each week but it saves loads of time as I am not spinning my wheels and wasting time.  I am always a little sad when I realize I will not get to a project. But who knows I may revisit the idea at a later time. I look through my sketch book a few times a year both to see where I have been creatively and to see if I see where I might be heading. Patterns do emerge out of the chaos.

So what does a to do list look like the week before a show?

Create levels for my display

rig bowling pins

attach clasps to pendant necklaces

sign pieces

photograph each piece -5 shots each

get a table cover- fabric? tulle??

stamp bags

buy tissue paper

create raffle item.

blog- and social media marketing

preview of merchandise to boutiques that carry Lulu max Jewelry

Solder shadow boxes

finish large bottle for display

something to display earrings

And that is just a partial list. I still have jewelry to finish and jewelry to make. I will not get to all of it but that is ok. I hope I have created something for everyone. I have been very mindful that money is tight for everyone and I have worked very hard to create items for every budget. Art should be affordable! I will post again before the show. Thank you for following along as I prep for Glitterfest. I hope this gives you some idea of what goes into getting ready for a show. The month before a show I work about 100 hours a week. Artists never get paid for their time so I try not to think of it in terms of time spent creating. Creating is what I love to do. Please know that when you buy art directly from an artist you help them to be able to keep creating and you get the most for your money. I encourage everyone to support small businesses and artists this holiday season. I have to committed to buy only products made in America and support small businesses and artists this year. It is a challenge but a fun one. I have discovered several cool shops including an amazing local Ace Hardware. I will use my hour to shop at Glitterfest to do some Christmas shopping!! Ok so I might throw in a goodie or two for me!

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