Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A little organization never hurt anyone!

I spent the better part of the last week organizing my workspace and studio. While sorting and organizing I quickly came to the realization that it was not all going to fit. I also wanted to be able to see many of my supplies like paper, glitter, trim and jewelry supplies. I purchased a section of slat wall and the fixtures. Trays for glue and glitter and paper trays for my paper. Now I can see everything. My sweet husband had to agree to let me expand my space to the other side of a studio wall and into the bedroom. It looks great! I love being able to see it all and find what I am looking for.

The store I purchased the fixtures from has closed and has a ton of really great fixtures left. Send me an e-mail or comment and I will supply the details so you can get your own slat wall or fixture. The total cost of the slat was and all the plexiglass shelves etc was $160. A great investment in organization. Now I am inspired to create. I began laying out items for my fall line today. A few are in the picture- so there is your hint at what is next. Now go get crafty!!



  1. You are so right, organization is the key and being able to see your stuff. I just wish entropy didn't abound in my study always taking anything I put in order back to disorder.

  2. looks amazing Tara and girl you have A LOT of stuff! so sweet of hubby to let you have the extra space in your bedroom...methinks you have been using that space already though!! LOL