Thursday, April 10, 2014

Box Full of Crafty Cards

A while back I was out hunting for treasure at my local thrifty store when I discovered a large index file box. At first I thought a box of recipes but upon further inspection it was filled with artsy crafty how to cards! Score. 

Theses are the cards from the how to make flowers section. Some are hideous and others show promise. 

The red rose is made from a solid red handkerchief.  Hmmmmm would any vintage hanky work?
 Here are the instructions. Might have to give this one a shot. 

I will share more from the box each week. Maybe I will even try some out. 


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  1. Hi Tara - just popping in to say hello. Was reading about you here: - and of course, reminded of how awesome you really are. Hope you have a fabulous day! And hope we run into each other somewhere along the way once more. T.