Monday, January 13, 2014

Introspection is scary!


Recently I was asked to telll the world how art saved me. I was really honored that Jenny Doh would ask me to be a guest curator on her website It was a chance to share my favorite blogs and have my own sites featured- such a thrill. 

Then I had to actually put my story down on paper.  That was far tougher than I imagined. Was I telling too much, too little, would others ( ok I'm talking about my Mom) react badly?  I struggled with this for a few weeks until I just decided to tell my story without second guessing myself. Whew! 

I hope you will hop over to and read my story and visit some of the blogs I love. If you are not familiar with this site explore it all! Jenny Doh has created a community for artists of all types. There are classes both online and in her studio with really talented and amazing teachers. 


  1. Tara, I totally loved your "Art Saves" story. Although my art school experience was quite different, I can so relate to your journey and redefining success. Growing up to be an artist! Who knew!? Thanks for sharing your story. It was brave and I hope your mom approved!

  2. AWSOME story! I am so happy that you were able to reconnect to your true passion. Stacey

  3. Just read your story on "Art Saves". It was a great article. I remember us talking about this the first time I met you. We have very similar past. Art is such a blessing in our lives. You are such a joy and it shows in your beautiful work. I hope our paths cross again one day. Teresa