Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ramblings of A Madman, Ok Woman

Sorry for the blog absence- things have ben a little crazy. Good crazy but crazy. Glitterfest seems like a distant memory as I begin prepping for my fall jewelry line. I am having such fun gathering all things sparkly and shiny. To my surprise I have been using loads of color too. I often shy away from color but not this year- it is all about color.  I have found the perfect vintage color pallet to work with and I am really enjoying all the possibilities.

The best laid plans often become an entirely different journey. I intended on listing a few summery pieces on etsy but Art and Soul beat me to them! I have tons of jewelry at Art and Soul on 101 in Encinitas so if you are looking for a little bit of summer that is the place to go. I just mailed them the rest of my summer goodies so they are well stocked with Lulu Max jewelry. I will actually have to make a few more items for etsy. That will be a pleasure as I do not often get to work in season. Most jewelry is actually created one or two seasons ahead. For me it is always Christmas in July. It will be fun to work with summer colors and still be enjoying the summer! I just scored some amazing butterscotch bakelite swallows and I am pleased I will not have to wait until spring to debut them!

Tomorrow I am going to take a little break and head to the beach for some surfing! Sometimes you just need a day at the beach.

Back thursday with our legal checklist wrap up blog post!!


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  1. Great set up Tara! Looking forward to seeing your new creations!