Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don't just admire the rose!

I was running errands today and it took me near one of my favorite stores, Gilding the Lily in Fullerton. This little shop is packed with treasures. I could spend hours in the place! It always seems like I have to hurry and look. Today feeling pressed for time as I shopped I had a realization. I am in charge of my time. I had no appointments, no deadline looming and no where to be. So I took a deep breath and gave myself permission not to hurry. I looked at every shelf, opened every drawer and enjoyed every second I spent in Gilding the Lily.

On the way home I was thinking I need to slow down and experience things more fully. I was thinking about how pretty roses are. The colors and the shapes are so appealing. But is it enough to just look at a roses beauty? I say no! To really appreciate a rose one needs to feel the velvety petals and breath deeply their subtly sweet aromas and perhaps be reminded of their thorns with a little prick! That is experiencing a rose.

So I give myself permission to take a moment once in a while and smell a rose. We all deserve to experience all life has to offer. All the little things we overlook on a daily basis have the potential to bring us great joy if we would just slow down long enough to notice them.

I came home feeling very creative and I had a very productive afternoon. My schedule is a bit crazy as I will be a vendor at both Moulin Rouge and Glitterfest. Did I mention both shows are the same week?? The photo is a simple Valentine's Day necklace I just listed on Etsy. I will post a sneak peek of my new wares for the shows next week.


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  1. It is super important to slow down and enjoy the view. I am sure you will do FAB at Both shows.